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Treat yourself to something sweet! Rosie's Sweets offers delicious cakes, cookies, and pastries made with the highest quality ingredients. Come and experience the mouth-watering flavors that will make your taste buds happy!

Got a Craving or a special occasion?

About Us

About Rosie's Sweets

"I started baking from the age of 10 as a hobby, watching TV shows and recreating recipes. I found my passion for The Science of chemistry at an early age, and pursued that career. 

For my surprise, baking and chemistry definitely had a lot in common!

With a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, and working as a Food Quality Assurance and Safety Inspector in the Industry, I decided to start this business like a dream, and today it came true.

In my family my ancestors, my mother and my sisters have history in the kitchen, and I  learned from them! Being from a Middle Eastern origin, our specialties are based on all kinds of puff pastry, better known as baklava, find all types of them in our website and dare to explore your palate with our delicious recipes."

~Baking is chemistry you can eat!


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